Regularly on the prize list of cities, Geneva is classified as one of the most pleasant cities. It has many advantages for a successful escapade: a natural beautiful surroundings at the edge of the Lake Léman, an old town steeped in history, museums, cultural life and beautiful balance between nature and town planning.

It is a destination for a weekend and/or a business travel, HELIFIRST accompanies you in only 1hour and 40 minutes from Paris.


London is a tourist destination making the whole world dream since several centuries, thanks to its dynamism, its History, the inhabitants …It is also very easy to get there, from Paris you embark aboard our helicopters, and after 1 hour and 15 minutes of flight you arrive in the center of London,
Just In Time!


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg allows you to make unusual and unforgettable experiences :
Cultural Treasuries, natural resources and  variety of landscapes, refined dishes, excellent wines, festive traditions and culture all year round.

For your personal and/or professional travels from the center of Paris, embark aboard our helicopters. After only 1hour and 20 minutes of flight you will land 10 minutes away of the center of Luxembourg.


This city has a rare quality: it is charming and we know how to live there.
A majestic historic heart, a unique atmosphere – mixing urban and country life, a multitude of activities for children and adults: Brussels will surprise you at every street corner.

Take place aboard our helicopters in the center of Paris, after 1 hour and 15 minutes of flight you will land at the Brussels Airport.

Our team is also present to respond to all your flight requests in Belgium.