A Business Airline, located at the heliport of Paris specialising in corporate VIP Travel for more than fifteen years.

The entire team at HeliFirst attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the service it gives its customers.

We put our expertise and know-how at your disposal to fulfil your passenger transport needs for business, fine dining, sightseeing tours, and personalised events for companies or individuals. We can also accommodate professionals conducting specialist projects involving aerial work.

The helicopter is an exceptional aircraft, and we continually endeavour to improve our services through experience to maintain standards of comfort, hospitality and personalisation.

The helicopter is a means of transport that combines speed, safety and exceptional flexibility.

Our business is our passion: we will help you to discover new horizons and find innovative solutions for your needs to ensure a unique experience.

We are proud of the enjoyment received by our customers through this unique means of transport. Through our expertise in aeronautics and a prestigious hotel business, we look to continually develop the customer experience we provide by tailoring specific aircraft types to your business requirements, flights of discovery and for special operations.

You will receive a warm welcome at HeliFirst and can be assured of a custom-made service.

The Civil Aviation Authorities of France have granted HELIFIRST the following certificates for operations within France, Europe and worldwide: Public Transport Certificate N° FR.AOC.0104 for passenger transportation. Additionally, approval certificate N° FR.MG.0179 for airworthiness management of our aircraft.

Further to the new European rules EASA/AIROPS issued from April 21st, 2017, the French Civil Aviation Authorities have granted to HELIFIRST agreements for aerial working: FR.SPO.0194 / FR.DEC.0194.

As regards the Liability-combined single limit: Compliance with EC Regulation 785/2004 of 21.04.2004. HeliFirst complies with EC Regulation EC 2027/97 amended by CE 889/2002 on air carrier liability l’AV52E