HELIFIRST is very proud to have been selected to participate in Choose Paris Region’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project and to be one of the partners in developing UAM in Paris.
This was a good opportunity to have a new vision and to discuss for eVTOL aircraft will shape in the furture in the Paris’s landscape.
HELIFIRST is the only French operator to have an AOC (Air Operator Certificate N° FR.AOC.104) and to be an airlines company of helicopters located at the heliport of Paris.
It has extensive experience in helicopter passenger transport. Its founder Mr Dominique MOREAU was very active in the first regular transport service in the Paris region during his time as an operational manager of the company HELIFRANCE. Several regular routes were then operated between the airports of Orly and Charles de Gaulle and the Paris heliport and the La Défense platform. This unparalleled experience can be widely used in the Urban Air Mobility project.

The aim is to transport passengers in urban areas using electric-powered drones. And HELIFIRST considers this project to be very interesting and bring great innovations for the not-so-distant future. Nevertheless, his daily experience over the past twenty years has led leaders not to hide the difficulties. These can be overcome if a coordinator of small enough size to not frighten any of the partners is inserted into the device. HELIFIRST is a candidate for this position.
However, for HELIFIRST, it is important to remember that we are doing this for the customers, and to create the service and the interface between the user and the urban mobility network whatever the aircraft used.

Application of the Olympic Games

In October 11th: HELIFIRST announces the opening of the application of the Olympic and paralympic games of 2024

At opening of the 37th edition of the ” Half marathon of Paris “, four military parachutists, of the Club of the Defense Federation, were released by our helicopter, over the Eiffel Tower and settled on Champ de Mars, to deliver a message of support for the military wounded.

TOUR OF CORSICA – 1st to 4th october 2015

The first edition of the Tour of Corsica came to an end in the streets of Ajaccio on October 4th. In the term of four days of journey in the middle of the island landscapes, crews finished their trip after an ultimate stage between Porto-Vecchio and Ajaccio.

HELIFIRST helicopter for the broadcast captation of this very beautiful Rally also served to transmit in television channels the images of the important bad weather of the first day.

2nd harvest of the honey of the heliport of Paris

The club of the partners of the heliport of Paris – Issy les Moulineaux was pleased to organize the second harvest of honey. This urban apiary is considered as sustainable, he allows to increase the biodiversity of the site but also to integrate the heliport into the city.

This year was particularly favorable for our queens and their colonies. The apiary got bigger of six hives for the previous year.

We associated in this day two classes of the elementary school Olivier de SERRE of the 15th district to make them discover the heliport and the sustainable activities which he shelters.

For this second year 148kg were collected

The Champagne registered in the UNESCO world heritage

On July 4th – The Champagne was registered in the Heritage of the UNESCO.

The Domain of Pommery (the Sainte-Nicaise mound, the Pommery domain with the Clos et les Crayères dating from the Roman gallo) is also registered in the UNESCO world heritage.

HELIFIRT proposes you a privatized visit of this conservation area:

At the heart of the city of Reims, come to discover the most beautiful secrets of the elaboration of the biggest Pommery champagnes.

A personal guide will take you to the discovery of the Domain and their classified cellars.

Three of the most beautiful vintage wines of the Vintage Louise Pommery will be proposed to you in tasting, commented in the private room of the head wine waiter.

A sparkling Day in only 45 minutes of Paris in helicopter