Marathon of Paris

From 23 till 27 March 2016 : HELIFIRST begins the season with the International Criterium of Corsica from 23 till 27 March 2016. Under ideal weather conditions, our helicopter was able to follow the various stages of 120 runners and so to allow the broadcast of beautiful images. The beginning of a beautiful sports season!


Club members of the heliport of Paris welcomed 4 classes of schools within the European week of the sustainable development. During this visit, the students participated in the launch of the BLUE PLANET challenge. This action aims at making sensitive the children in Eco-friendly gestures in relationship in the energy. This challenge will last 3 months, Saturday, June 4th HELIFIRST will open again its shed to know the result of the challenge.

Application of the Olympic Games

In October 11th: HELIFIRST announces the opening of the application of the Olympic and paralympic games of 2024

At opening of the 37th edition of the ” Half marathon of Paris “, four military parachutists, of the Club of the Defense Federation, were released by our helicopter, over the Eiffel Tower and settled on Champ de Mars, to deliver a message of support for the military wounded.

TOUR OF CORSICA – 1st to 4th october 2015

The first edition of the Tour of Corsica came to an end in the streets of Ajaccio on October 4th. In the term of four days of journey in the middle of the island landscapes, crews finished their trip after an ultimate stage between Porto-Vecchio and Ajaccio.

HELIFIRST helicopter for the broadcast captation of this very beautiful Rally also served to transmit in television channels the images of the important bad weather of the first day.

2nd harvest of the honey of the heliport of Paris

The club of the partners of the heliport of Paris – Issy les Moulineaux was pleased to organize the second harvest of honey. This urban apiary is considered as sustainable, he allows to increase the biodiversity of the site but also to integrate the heliport into the city.

This year was particularly favorable for our queens and their colonies. The apiary got bigger of six hives for the previous year.

We associated in this day two classes of the elementary school Olivier de SERRE of the 15th district to make them discover the heliport and the sustainable activities which he shelters.

For this second year 148kg were collected