Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay is located in the Chevreuse valley in the Rambouillet state-owned forest, is an enchanted place and the perfect spot to recharge your batteries. Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay’s extraordinary architecture emerged from the place where power and mystery presided.

It has been reborn and brought back to life: a cellar transformed into a music lounge; a gothic lounge with enormous chimneys; a former lay brother refectory transformed into a restaurant and re-baptised ‘the prayer table’ – a surprising monastic room with two spanning ridge beams and sandstone capitol columns.

It is surrounded by more than eight centuries of history. This former cloister, reading gallery, mill and chapter house have found their existential callings. The Cistercians created these magical places blessed by God and protected by the Kings of France and it was important to renovate them. St Louis and Margaret of Provence drank ‘miracle’ water from the St Thibault fountain which is believed to have made the Queen of France fertile. The spring can still be found in the nearby woods and quenches the thirst of our guests.

Experience the estate’s timeless secret and drink from the spring of the ‘new Theleme Abbey’.

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