Take a helicopter for a day from our VIP lounge at the Paris heliport for a unique journey of discovery so close to the world’s finest wines.

Fly to Burgundy for its wine, landscapes and its art of living with our partner Bourgogne Gold Tour. The journey begins as you fly over the incomparable mosaic of vines. Its features and curves constitute the cream of the crop of French vineyards. Here, over a few square kilometers, we present to you the birth place of some of the most sought-after wines on Earth. It is the land of living myths and sacred land, whose cherished children are called Romanée-Conti, Montrachet or Chambertin.

You will meet Youri Lebault who knows everything about this intimate, secret, telluric Burgundy. With an extraordinary way of being himself, in French as well as in English, this local child will excite your emotions. Curious to learn about the magical transformation of grapes into wine? Your guide opens the doors to the best local winemakers. With both feet on the ground, you access a very precious sort of craftsmanship, coming into contact with the greatest white and red wines. Impressed by the thousand-year-old landscapes you’re crossing? He delivers a fascinating presentation, at your own pace, taking the time to feel the good vibes of the region. Because Burgundy has earned a reputation through being savoured.

All this is delivered in an unequalled level of comfort, with travel by limousine, where everything is taken care of for you. Tailor-made hospitality is the rule of the day. Whether it be your first or hundredth visit, it doesn’t matter: there will always be new surprises to be experienced. The unexpected is hidden right here, in the vine, in the power of a nice encounter or the soul of a shared bottle. This is the magic of truth. Such is Burgundy. Unforgettable.

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